Here you can see and download legislation from countries in South East Europe.

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International and European texts are useful instruments to promote and protect Rights and Dignity of persons with disabilities. They are often used by Organizations of People with Disabilities to lobby their governments.

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The Virtual Library provides different types of document like pieces of legislation, international texts, reports, etc. The Virtual library has developed an advanced search engine to allow a refined search and multiple requests.

You can either type the title of the document you look for, or by using the drop down lists, browse the diversity of selection, make your choice and click on the Search button at the bottom .

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Department for International Development

Department for International Development

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Handicap International

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European Commission European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights

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Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

Annual Report

Holistic report "Monitor your rights!" - monitoring of rights of persons with disabilities in Republic of Serbia

To download Serbian version please click here:
Holistički izveštaj

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Holistic report

Disability Monitor Initiative in South East Europe is managed by the Center for Society Orientation – COD (Centar za orijentaciju društva).

The mandate of COD is to support capacity building of local actors in the Republic of Serbia and other countries of Southeast Europe during transition period, in order to enable all marginalized groups, with a special focus on people with disabilities, enjoying their fundamental human rights and equal opportunities.

Working papers

Ensuring access of people with disabilities to social services:
The need for regulatory mechanisms in South East Europe

This working paper presents the challenges and opportunities related to reforms of social services for people with disabilities in South East Europe. The paper also shows the central role of regulatory mechanisms in the process of service provision. It is available in English, Albanian and serbian.


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